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Montevideo (URUGUAY) - SoIBio Conference 2019

28 Oct 2019
1 Nov 2019

Iberoamerica region

X Int. Conf. on Bioinformatics (Oct 28 - Nov 1, 2019 - Montevideo, URUGUAY)

X International Conference on Bioinformatics #SoIBio+10 - Montevideo (URUGUAY) - 28th October 1st November 2019:

CABANA TRAVEL FELLOWSHIPS to participate in #SoIBio+10 (11 people granted) :

X International Conference on Bioinformatics: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of SoIBio and 10th Anniversary of the Master in Bioinformatics UdelaR - Montevideo (URUGUAY) - from 28th to 30th October 2019. Followed by 2 days of Advanced Workshops on Bioinformatics (31st Oct & 1st Nov 2019). (

The Master in Bioinformatics is a postgraduate career established by the University of Uruguay (Universidad de la Republica, UdelaR) and the Program of the Development of Basic Sciences (Programa de Desarrollo de Ciencias Basicas, PEDECIBA), ten years ago in 2009. It is a multidisciplinary and multicentric universitary career in Bioinformatics currently followed by more than 100 graduate students and more than 20 master students. The start and development of this career was a synergistic effort between multiple academic areas (such as Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Informatics) in Uruguay and in the Region, promoting an emerging bioinformatics identity and the incorporation of students and academics working scientifically in a very cooperative multidiciplnary way.

The Iberoamerican Society of Bioinformatics (SoIBio) is an international scientific society, founded in Mexico in 2009 to connect several collaborative projects of various research groups from all Iberoamerica working in the emerging field of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. SoIBio aims to promote research and development in the field of bioinformatics. Therefore, individuals, national societies or groups going to work in this field will be supported both academically and professionally. It is a platform to foster interaction and collaboration with other international societies and networks that work in the same field.

In October 2019, both the SoIBio and the Master in Bioinformatics UdelaR will become together to celebrate and commemorate our existence in MONTEVIDEDO, inviting to participate to many other scientists, professionals, academics and students from all LATINAMERICA.

Montevideo (URUGUAY)
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